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Bathing & Grooming Assistance With Senior Care At Home In Jackson, TN

Find out how senior care at home can help you maintain your bathing and grooming habits in Jackson, TN

Most American seniors want to remain in the comfort, convenience, and security of their own home throughout their elder years. Aging in place allows a senior to enjoy the familiarity of their home as well as being surrounded by the people and things they love. Sometimes, however, challenges arise that make a senior or their family wonder if they can safely remain at home or if they need to move to a residential care facility or nursing home. One of the first indications that a senior is having trouble is often a lack of personal care, including bathing and grooming.

There are many reasons a senior may struggle with bathing and grooming. Two of the most common are chronic pain and a loss of mobility. Just because a senior is not as mobile as they once were or are having a hard time with the physical actions of bathing or grooming does not mean that they need to leave home, however. Today, Comfort Keepers offers a wide range of options for senior care at home that are designed to help seniors age in place regardless of their physical, mental, or emotional challenges.

A few of Comfort Keepers in-home bathing and grooming supports include

  • Assistance with the physical components of bathing
  • Help in and out of the tub or shower or providing help with a transfer bench
  • Oral hygiene support
  • Shaving
  • Hair and nail care
  • Hand and foot care
  • Skin care

In addition to these bathing and grooming supports, Comfort Keepers also provides incontinence and toileting support, eating assistance, dressing help, transferring and positioning support, and a full spectrum of homemaking services.

Since each senior care at home plan is custom-tailored and personalized, each senior receives the specific supports and services they need to remain safe, healthy, and enjoying a high quality of life.

Needing help with personal care is quite different than needing to leave home to move into a care facility. For more information about senior care at home, bathing and grooming supports, or to learn more about the many ways Comfort Keepers can help your loved one maximize the quality of their elder years, contact a care coordinator today.

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