Comfort Keepers Home Care Helps With Legal Considerations In Jackson, TN

Senior can get help making legal appointments and organizing documents with Comfort Keepers home care in Jackson, TN

There are many important legal issues to consider to ensure that your senior loved one receives the care and support they need and want should they become incapacitated or otherwise unable to make decisions for themselves.

For example, every senior should have a will. This document will ensure a senior's possessions go where they want them to go. Wills can keep family members from fighting over money, real estate, and other items. Without a will, family members may end up in court or the state may even take control of the property.

In addition to a will, consider these other documents every senior should have:

Powers of attorney: Powers of attorney give a person of the senior's choosing the ability to conduct business or other matters on behalf of the senior. Without a power of attorney, a senior may be unable to access bank accounts, pay bills, travel, etc. should they become incapacitated.

Advance Health Care Directives: Coming in two primary forms, living wills and durable powers of attorney, advance health care directives are designed to help seniors receive the medical services and long-term care choices they desire. Without these documents, other people may make these decisions for them.

Guardians and conservators may be appointed by the court to oversee a senior's medical and financial aspects, respectively, should the senior become incapacitated without powers of attorney or advance health directives in place. A senior's family members may ask the court for permission to act in this capacity.

In addition to preparing legal papers well before they are needed, seniors can help loved ones with legal considerations by keeping their documents in order. From financial statements, insurance documents, and medical reports to personal information (birth certificates, social security numbers, marriage or divorce papers, etc), seniors can help speed the legal process should they need help down the road by keeping these documents organized and accessible. Comfort Keepers home care can help seniors get papers organized and make appointments to get legal assistance.

It is important to remember that Comfort Keepers home care encourages seniors to make sound decisions and keep abreast of legal considerations. Comfort Keepers home care does not, however, offer legal advice and nothing on this page should be construed as such. Seniors should always consult a lawyer when dealing with specific legal situations.

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