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Legal Considerations For Seniors Receiving Elderly Home Care Services In Jackson, TN

Find out how our elderly home care services can help seniors in Jackson, TN receive legal aid

Most people will have to deal with certain legal matters at some point in their lives. When it comes to legal considerations regarding elderly home care services, it is better to be prepared and plan ahead than to be taken by surprise. This way, you and your senior loved one can make important decisions together. This can provide peace of mind for your loved one, knowing that you will follow their wishes if they are unable to communicate what they want.

Elderly home care services professionals recommend you have these conversations with your loved one as soon as you deem appropriate. Important legal documents for seniors are advance directives including a power of attorney and living will.

  • A durable power of attorney is a legal document that authorizes someone to act on behalf of your loved one in case they are not able to make decisions for themselves due to illness. The person named is called the health care proxy. With this document, you can make healthcare decisions for your loved one according to their wishes. Signing a power of attorney can give your loved one more control over the future.
  • A living will is another way to have your loved one’s wishes carried out. This document can be revoked at any time and only comes into effect if a person can no longer communicate their wishes.

In case your loved one doesn’t have any legal documents, a guardian can be appointed by the courts. A guardian has legal authority to make health care, personal, and financial decisions for a person who cannot make those decisions due to physical or mental disability. You can avoid this scenario by preparing legal documents in advance. Once your loved one has all the documents they need, it is also important to organize and keep them in a safe place. It is also advisable to make copies and give them to someone you trust.

For more information about legal documents for seniors, or our elderly home care services please contact Comfort Keepers of Jackson, TN. We look forward to offering our services to your family!



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