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Comfort Keepers In Home Care In Jackson, TN

Learn more about Comfort Keepers' in home care, and how we help the Jackson, TN community

Many seniors perceive the beginning of the conversation about home care as the first sign of losing their independence. At Comfort Keepers, we believe the opposite is true. There are times though when older adults need help in order to be safe, healthy, and secure and still maintain their independence, which is why our quality care plans work. This is the purpose and mission of Comfort Keepers' in home care – to provide the needed help and support to seniors which enable them to continue living independently in their own homes.

Our homemaker, companion, and personal senior care services are tailored into a personalized plan of care provided on the schedule that suits you. In our 10+ years of service to seniors in the West Tennessee area, we have learned that a little goes a long way. For most seniors, a standard 4-hour visit 2 to 4 days a week is just enough to help smooth over the rough spots in their lives and stay within their budget. If the needs increase due to injury or illness, Comfort Keepers Tennessee can easily increase the number of hours or days per week until you recover.

It can be very important, and we encourage seniors and their families, to get that little bit of extra help as early as they need. It is much easier to adapt to the change and develop the loving, trusting relationship with your Comfort Keeper when times are good and the need is small. Waiting until the need is urgent and vital can often make the transition process more stressful. When you have a Comfort Keeper providing care using our Interactive Caregiving™ philosophy of in home care you can actually delay the need for increased care by ensuring that you or your loved one is staying active both mentally and physically, eating nutritiously, and living safely

Our Philosophy

Interactive Caregiving™ is based on four primary pillars, which Comfort Keepers leverages to provide in home care for, engage, and interact with our clients:

  1. An active senior mind promotes independence, better mental and physical health, happiness, and a longer life.
  2. A physically active senior maintains strength and independence, lessening or delaying the effects of aging.
  3. A well-nourished senior is more energetic, both physically and mentally.
  4. A safe senior lives in an environment that reduces the likelihood of accidents and promotes timely response when illness or accidents occur.

With our Interactive Caregiving approach, we are able to raise seniors’ quality of life to a much higher level than typical in-home care providers with our quality in home care.

Contact us or give us a call at 731-201-0358 to learn more about Comfort Keepers in Jackson, TN.



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