The Benefits Of In Home Care For Seniors In Milan, TN

Learn why so many seniors in Milan, TN are choosing to stay in their own homes with in home care.

When your senior loved one requires care or supervision in order to remain safe or independent, families typically weigh the pros and cons of a nursing home or skilled care facility versus in home care. The vast majority of seniors come out way ahead with at home care. Let's look at a few of the reasons why.

Research shows that seniors recover faster and more effectively at home. The comforts of home combined with the access to familiar activities decrease stress, improve moods, and encourages an active lifestyle. Seniors may require support to accomplish daily living tasks while at home, but that is where in home care comes in. With support, seniors maximize their independence and increase self-esteem, both of which lead to an improved quality of life.

In Home Care Benefits

Home care is personalized. Not only do seniors receive 100 percent of the caregiver's attention, but the care itself is actually what the senior needs. This increases comfort, decreases stress, and adds to feelings of privacy and dignity.

In home care is what seniors want. According to the AARP, upwards of 90 percent of seniors want to remain in their own homes despite the challenges age or illness may bring. This is not surprising given the findings of another study which discovered seniors fear moving into a nursing home and losing their independence more than they fear dying. At home care provides seniors with the tools, services, and supports necessary to safely age-in-place. With so many aspects of life falling outside of a senior's control, being able to choose where they spend their final years takes on much-added significance.

Flexibility. At home care can be utilized to provide family caregivers with a respite break. Other seniors may require short-term support after an injury, illness, or stay at the hospital. Others may tap into the resources available for just a few hours a week, and some seniors may require access to full-time 24-hour care. With Comfort Keepers at home care, each of these options is available, and seniors can easily add or take away services and supports as their situation changes.

In short, in home care allows a senior to be their best self while safely remaining in the comfort and convenience of their own home.

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