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It is very difficult to watch a senior loved one go through the trials of dementia. Yet, a quarter of all adult caregivers are providing support to a senior with dementia, Alzheimer's, or another form of cognitive decline. This means that each year millions of American families watching their senior loved ones lose their memories, communication skills, reasoning abilities, and, eventually, their ability to interact with their environment or even control their own body.

Jackson Dementia Care

While the most common form of dementia is Alzheimer's disease, it is not the only type. In addition to brain disease, dementia can also be caused by tumors, traumatic brain injury, oxygen deprivation, or even medication. Unlike brain disease, some forms of dementia can be stopped or even reversed. This is why an understanding of the underlying cause of cognitive decline is so important.

Regardless of the cause of dementia or the ultimate prognosis, the key to dementia care is compassion, safety, proper intervention, and a senior's overall quality of life.

Since most dementia is progressive, caregivers should understand the progression and stages. Many family caregivers find that teaming with a professional dementia care provider helps them emotionally while providing them with a better set of skills and techniques.

Providing care for your loved one can be exhausting, especially over the long-term. Many family caregivers become overwhelmed, fatigued, chronically ill, or even pass away due to the stresses of care. By taking regular time off and taking advantage of short breaks called respites, family caregivers can avoid many of the pitfalls of caregiver burnout. Comfort Keepers professional dementia and Alzheimer's care provides respite care support so family caregivers can take time off with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their senior loved one is in good hands.

In the later stages of the disease, family caregivers may turn over the majority or even all of the care responsibilities to professional dementia care providers. Simply put, providing the required 24-hour care and supervision is often beyond the physical and emotional capacity of family members who have many other facets of life with which to contend.

In short, dementia may or may not be a permanent condition. Treatment and care should always start with an understanding of the cause of the condition. Regardless of the cause or prognosis, dementia care should always be discreet, compassionate, and focus on the safety and well-being of the senior. For more information on how Comfort Keepers in-home dementia services can help your senior loved one maximize their independence and life contact a senior care coordinator today.




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