Top Reasons To Choose In Home Care In Humboldt, TN

Find out why many seniors in Humboldt, TN are choosing to maintain their independence with in home care.

Everybody needs help from time to time. This is especially true for those who find themselves providing long-term care for a senior loved one. Many times when the care starts to become tiring or overwhelming family caregivers turn to nursing homes of skilled care facilities, but there is a better way: in home care.

Why Choose In Home Care?

Let's take a look at three reasons that home care is the right choice for your senior loved one.

Peace of mind. Moving out of their home causes seniors a great deal of stress and anxiety. In fact, several surveys placed being forced into a nursing home as being more of a concern for many seniors than dying. Yet, when seniors need help with daily living tasks or require assistance to remain safe, what are family members to do? Comfort Keepers care providers can help take the stress off of family caregivers by providing the exact care and supervision that a senior needs to remain safe, independent, and in their own home. Not only do seniors receive the peace of mind that comes from remaining at home, but family caregivers have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their senior loved one is receiving top-notch care without the added stress of a move.

Personalization. Nursing homes provide a plethora of care services, but most seniors do not need a great many of them. Instead, seniors who are mobile and can help with their own care can reap the most benefits from a personalized plan of supports and services. Comfort Keepers in home care starts with an assessment of a senior's unique and individual needs. Then, after sitting down with the senior and their family and listening to their questions, concerns, and desires, a personalized plan is created. Since needs change over time, plans are highly flexible and are frequently reviewed. Best of all, you only pay for services actually received.

Safety. Being at home is actually a safer environment than most hospitals, nursing homes, or care facilities. Research consistently shows that seniors recover faster and end up back in the hospital less frequently when they recover at home. Further, the risks of infection or contracting viruses or bacteria are significantly lowered when the senior is in their own home. Comfort Keepers in home care also provides home safety inspections and fall-risk analyses to help make the home as physically safe as it can be. To address emotional safety, Comfort Keepers care ensures that companionship is an integral part of all senior care. By addressing a senior's social, emotional, and cognitive needs, the risk of social isolation, loneliness, and depression are also greatly reduced.

In short, caring for a senior loved one is hard work. If you some help or simply a short break, don't feel like a nursing home is the only answer. Comfort Keepers in home care is only a phone call away.

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