Respite Care In Humboldt, TN

Learn why respite care is essential for family caregivers in Humboldt, TN and their senior loved ones.

Respite care is designed to give family caregivers a break from their regular caregiving duties while providing the peace of mind that comes from knowing their senior loved one is receiving the care and support they need. Respite breaks are short in duration, typically ranging from a few hours up to a week in length. Despite their short time, researchers have found that family caregivers who take advantage of regular respite breaks receive many benefits, including reduced stress, decreased instances of chronic illness, and even improved cognitive functioning and emotional well-being.

Do You Need Respite Care In Humboldt, TN?

Frequent respite breaks have also been shown to reduce the risk of (and even reverse the effects of) caregiver burnout. Caregiver burnout occurs over time when family members are pressed beyond their physical or emotional limits during care. The resulting fatigue, social isolation, and on-going stress can lead to chronic medical and psychological problems. By taking advantage of regular respite breaks, caregivers can maintain a positive care-life balance and do not allow themselves to get to their breaking point.

For caregivers to take respites, they need to feel confident that their senior loved one is in good hands. Comfort Keepers provides custom-tailored respite care plans that address a wide variety of non-medical services and supports. The care is provided in the comfort and convenience of the senior's own home and is available from a few hours a week up to full-time, round-the-clock care and supervision; and Comfort Keepers caregivers are available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

Of course, family members are not the only ones who benefit from respite care. Seniors also reap great rewards. After all, when family caregivers are refreshed, possess a clear mind, have a positive attitude, and are physically strong enough to perform top-notch care, the senior receives vastly superior care and supervision.

For more information about the many ways Comfort Keepers in-home respite care services can maximize the quality of life for you and your senior loved one, contact a senior care coordinator today.

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