Medication Management & Other Senior Care Services in Humboldt, TN

Learn about medication management, one of our more popular senior care services in Humboldt, TN

Most seniors over 65 take multiple medications every day. Those suffering from chronic illnesses may take many more. As the number of medications increase, medication management becomes increasingly difficult. This challenge can be even more daunting if seniors are facing memory or cognitive issues.

Medication management is an important part of senior life. In fact, studies show a large percentage of seniors who move to assisted living facilities do so solely to get help with their medication management. Despite this fact, most seniors want to remain at home throughout their elder years. This is positive since research has found that aging in place tends to increase a senior’s sense of independence and improves their overall quality of life.

Comfort Keepers senior care services can help your senior loved one safely remain in the comfort and convenience of their own home while maximizing their independence and freedom. From assistance with daily living tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and running errands to meal preparation and medication management, senior care services can help your loved one overcome decreased mobility, memory loss, challenges with cognition, chronic pain, and so forth.

While Comfort Keepers caregivers cannot administer medication, they can remind seniors of their timings, doses, and instructions (with a meal, before a meal, after a meal, on an empty stomach, not with other medication, and so forth). In addition to person-to-person assistance, Comfort Keepers also offers technology solutions such as the SafetyChoice TabSafe unit, which organizes and dispenses medications with the touch of a button. What works for each senior is dependent upon their situation and comfort level.

For more information about Comfort Keepers or the many ways their medication management support can improve your loved one's safety, independence, and quality of life, contact a senior care services coordinator today.

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