Medication Management From Comfort Keepers' Caregivers In Henderson, TN

Find out how caregivers can help seniors in Henderson, TN with medication management.

Most seniors over the age of 65 take more than five prescriptions medications in a day. Many take up to 20, especially seniors who are living with chronic and progressive health conditions. Managing this amount of medication can be difficult in the best of situations, but when combined with serious health issues, it can be overwhelming.

Compounding the issues surrounding medication management is the fact that many of the seniors with the greatest needs live alone. Without regular support and oversight, the chances that these seniors will miss dosages, take extra medication, or fail to take their medication properly increases exponentially. In these situations, Comfort Keepers can help.

Comfort Keepers medication management program helps seniors remember to take their medication at the right time, in the right dosage, and in the proper manner. Caregivers also help seniors read the labels on their medication, open pill bottles, store medications, order refills, and even pick up prescription medications at the pharmacy.

How Do Caregivers Help with Medication Management in Henderson, TN?

Not all medications are taken when a senior is at home, and having the right medication does not do any good if it is not taken. Comfort Keepers caregivers can help your senior loved one prepare for trips, outings, or other ventures by ensuring they bring along necessary medications in the proper dosages.

Seniors who wish to oversee their own medication management may find comfort in one of Comfort Keepers medication dispenser systems. These automated systems help keep track of what is taken and when. Advanced models even send text messages or make phone calls if a dosage is missed. These systems reduce the risk of health problems or complications related to medication management.

For more information about the many ways Comfort Keepers caregivers can maximize your senior loved one's safety and independence, please call a senior care coordinator today. 

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