End of Life Care in Henderson, TN

Learn why end of life care is a critical component of dying with dignity in Henderson, TN.

Not every person has the same end of life experiences. In fact, most individuals will go through situations that are entirely unique to them based on their physical and mental condition, faith, and available care and resources. Some seniors will pass quickly while others go slowly over weeks, months, or even years; some will go peacefully while others experience pain, anxiety, loneliness, and fear. Yet, despite the vast differences in end of life experiences, one thing that all people have in common is the desire to die with dignity.

End of life care, or hospice, is a team-based approach to help seniors maximize their freedom and independence while focusing on communication, pain management, and dignity. Terminal care involves both medical and non-medical interventions and is available during the final six months of a person's life.

What Supports Are Offered Through End of Life Care in Henderson, TN?

Comfort Keepers end of life care focuses on the non-medical aspects of hospice, including:

Personal Care: Seniors want to look and feel their best even in their final days. This is especially important when they are receiving visitors and saying their farewells. An important part of this process is personal care, which includes bathing, grooming, and dressing support. Personal care also includes daily living activities, such as eating, oral hygiene support, and toileting. When these activities are performed with a focus on compassion and dignity, a senior's quality of life is greatly increased.

Homecare: Many seniors choose to pass in the comfort of their own home, but they do not have the strength or ability to keep it clean or safe. Most also will require help with activities of daily living, including laundry and meal preparation. Comfort Keepers care providers will ensure the home is neat, clean, and orderly. They can also go shopping, run errands, and help with medication management. These supports not only help the senior feel better about their home, but they reduce stress on the senior and their loved ones. 

Care Support: Family members may want to play a role in the care of their senior loved one. Many may have even been the primary care provider for many months or years. As the senior transitions into their final months, the stress of caregiving can be overwhelming. Most family members do not know what to do or say and can use emotional support themselves. Comfort Keepers caregivers will gladly come alongside family members to teach them tricks and techniques or provide care in tandem.  They will provide as much or as little care as necessary.

End of life care is a critical component of dying with dignity. With Comfort Keepers care, you and your senior loved one will have the support and services you need during this difficult time. 

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