Why Should You Choose In Home Care To Help Your Loved One In Brownsville, TN?

Find out more about the benefits of choosing in home care for your loved one who lives in Brownsville, TN

As seniors age, they may have difficulty caring for all their needs. Sometimes, a senior may only require short-term support while recovering from an illness, accident, or medical procedure. Other times, they may need on-going, long-term support to overcome chronic pain, a loss of mobility, or a progressive disease. Whatever the cause, family members are often torn between the senior's desire to remain at home and the perceived benefit of institutionalized care. This is especially true when a senior has a severe condition such as dementia, Alzheimer's disease, ALS, or Parkinson's.

The Advantages of In Home Care

While it may seem that a nursing home or skilled care facility may offer more support for your senior loved one, consider these advantages to in home care:

1. Freedom: Americans value freedom. We want to be able to choose when we wake up and when we go to bed, what we eat, and what we watch on television. We want to be able to decide what activities we will perform on a certain day, what care we will receive, and when that care will be provided. Assisted living, nursing homes, and skilled care facilities provide beds, food, entertainment, and care services; but each of those comes with a schedule and routine. For seniors who want pizza for breakfast and jello for dinner after a trip to the mall that was planned just that morning, in home care provides the freedom they need.

2. Flexibility: Once a senior is moved into an assisted living facility or nursing home, they are there. You have likely already sold the homestead to afford this new care situation. Collectibles, heirlooms, and boxes of memories have been portioned out among family members. The senior is now part of a set program of care. With in home care, the senior gets to remain among their memories, treasures, and comforts. Care can be provided as frequently or infrequently as needed, and the senior can work with the care provider to schedule services for a time that is most convenient for them. Should needs change, care can be quickly and easily adjusted.

3. Choice: Institutional care comes with many services and supports. A senior may not need all of the services available, may not like the person delivering the supports, or may not like the manner in which the care is provided. With Comfort Keepers senior care, these are all things that can be easily changed. In fact, with Comfort Keepers, a senior's chemistry and connection with their caregiver are foundational to the success of the whole person philosophy of interactive caregiving. And, since their ultimate goal is a senior's independence, freedom, and quality of life, Comfort Keepers values a senior's input in the care equation.

In short, there are several options to choose from when considering care for your senior loved one. If, however, you are looking to maximize your loved one's freedom and independence while giving them the maximum flexibility and choice when it comes to services and supports, there is no better decision than in home care. 

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