Alzheimer's Care In Bolivar, TN

Find out how Alzheimer's care helps seniors in Bolivar, TN to adjust their lifestyle to accommodate this disease.

At present, there is not a cure for Alzheimer's disease, but there are many ways to improve a senior's quality of life, regardless of their current Alzheimer's stage. There are also numerous treatments and therapies that can address a multitude of the physical, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of the disease. To get the most benefit from Alzheimer's care, seniors diagnosed with Alzheimer's should not wait for the symptoms to progress before they seek care. Since Alzheimer's is a progressive and degenerative disease, early intervention allows seniors to maximize the quality of the time they have left while family members enjoy the best of a senior's remaining days.

How Can Alzheimer's Care Help Seniors in Bolivar, TN?

One aspect of Alzheimer's care involves modifying the senior's environment. For seniors who choose to remain at home, this means altering the home's colors, patterns, and arrangements.

For example, colors and sounds trigger memories. While this can be a positive for seniors with Alzheimer's, too much stimulation at one time can be overwhelming and cause great amounts of stress. For this reason, wallpaper, pictures, draperies, and other wall coverings with complex patterns or widely-varying colors should be replaced with plain, cool colors. This can help reduce the stress that leads to fear, anxiety, and emotional or behavioral outbursts.

Just as visual "noise" can lead to stressful situations, too much auditory noise can also be frustrating for seniors with Alzheimer's. Helping seniors keep televisions and other devices turned off when they are not in use can help, as can limiting the number of people that are in a room talking, and arranging furniture so people are facing the senior and not talking at various places around the room.

Since Alzheimer's disease robs a senior of their memory and cognition, predictable routines help limit a senior's stress. Alzheimer's care providers start early on creating steady routines and limiting changes to these routines to build a sense of stability in the senior's life. These routines include waking and sleeping schedules, mealtimes, and even daily walks or other recreational or therapeutic activities.

Alzheimer's disease is a terrible diagnosis that places a great deal of stress and anxiety on a senior and their family. Professional Alzheimer's care providers cannot turn back the hands of time or provide a cure, but they do understand the disease, its symptoms, and the many ways to help a senior maximize their quality of life during the years they have remaining.

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